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Car Insurance After The Driving Test

As parents, many of us thought the worst part of teaching kids to drive was those first few times behind the wheel. However, after your teens pass the driving test and get their driver’s license, the sticker shock from a previously affordable car insurance company might be almost as bad as handing over the car keys for the first time. It is true that teens and young adults are considered high-risk drivers, and all insurers charge more to cover them than they do for any other age group, with the possible exception of elderly drivers.

Finding Affordable Car Insurance After Your Teen Passes the Driving Test

Normally, insurers will allow you to cover your son or daughter on your policy before they earn their own driver’s license and only have a learner’s permit. You should call your agent to make certain, but this is fairly standard practice. But once your teen has his or her own driver’s license, you need to get them named on your policy, and this is when insurers will want to be compensated for taking the risk of covering an inexperienced driver in a risky age group.

These are some tips to keep rates as low as possible after your teen passes the driving test:

  • Matsen, Cartier, DemetreeBundling discounts: Typically, insurers will be happier to accept the risk of covering your child if he or she also brings along the business of an entire family, including auto and home insurance.
  • Good students: Many insurers offer a substantial discount for students who maintain a B average or above. Insurance companies don’t have a driving history to use to set rates, but they find that better students tend to file fewer auto insurance claims.
  • Driving classes: If your child passes an approved driving course before he or she earns a license, this may also earn a discount.
  • Compare auto insurance rates for teens: Shop around to see which insurer offers the most competitive rates for your entire family’s insurance needs.

Also, insurance companies are not likely to be forgiving if your teen does abuse driving privileges. Even if your teen has passed the test and earned the right to drive independently, make sure that he or she understands that driving is a privilege that can get revoked either by parents or the state.

Let Us Help You Insure Your Teen and Entire Family

It is probably safe to assume that all car insurance companies charge more for young drivers, but some are friendlier to young drivers than others. At Matsen Insurance Brokers, Inc., we are eager to help your entire family enjoy quality coverage at affordable rates. Please contact us at your earliest convenience for competitive rate quotes for your car, home, business and other needs.