Teen Driving Statistics Push Up Teen Driver Insurance Rates

Many parents have driven safely for years, and their auto insurance bills reflect that. It can be a bit of a surprise to add a teen driver to an insurance policy. You will find that new drivers get charged higher rates even if they have never had an accident. The reality is that teen driving statistics demonstrate that young drivers do cause more than their share of accidents.

However, at Matsen Insurance Brokers, Inc., we will do our best to find you discounts on insurance for your whole family to keep the quality high and your rates low. You do your part to make sure that your kids are educated about road safety, and we will do our part to help protect your vehicles.

MatsenWhat Do Teen Driving Statistics Say About Teen Drivers?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles says that teen driving statistics demonstrate that teens are at the highest risk for causing traffic accidents. Both for females and males, teens between the ages of 16 and 19 suffer from the most traffic violations and actual wrecks, and the risk continues to remain high until they turn 25 years old.

On the other hand, road safety classes do help reduce the risks, and that is why top companies offer discounts for teenagers who have successfully completed accredited programs. These road safety programs include both classroom instruction and time behind the wheel with an instructor. They also emphasize the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These days, they also discuss the dangers of distracted driving, and this problem has become worse because cell phones and other mobile devices are so common.

As cooler weather approaches, inexperienced drivers may also have more difficulty with hazardous road conditions. Encourage your kids to remain cautious about driving when streets get slippery and visibility is limited during a storm.

Does Insurance for Teen Drivers Have to Be Expensive?

Car insurance companies want to attract the business of families like yours, and they often offer a variety of discounts that can ease the sticker shock of car insurance for young drivers. They may reduce premiums for placing multiple policies with one company, taking road safety classes and even for students who have good grades in school.

At Matsen Insurance Brokers, we are eager to work with your family to find top coverage from companies who are willing to offer discounts for your entire family on auto, home, and business policies. Contact us at your earliest convenience to review your current policies and shop for better rates from quality auto insurance companies.

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