Your Health Insurance Guide for High School Football Season

MatsenHere in California, it’s just about time for Friday Night Lights. Does your son or daughter play football, perform as a cheerleader or engage in other athletics? If so, you can probably assume that your child’s school does everything possible to ensure safety, but you can also assume that sometimes accidents will still happen. At Matsen Insurance Brokers, Inc., we want to help you find health insurance that can assure you access to top doctors, hospitals and physical therapists.

How Do Popular Health Insurance Plans Cover Sports Accidents?

Lots of health insurance plans do a pretty good job of controlling costs for routine doctor’s visits, but those are not the healthcare needs that tend to generate huge bills. It’s those quick trips to the emergency room or very long series of trips to a specialist or therapist that turn into major unplanned expenses. Knowing that your child engages in risky sports, you should take the time to figure out how your policy will cover serious accidents.

Your child does not even have to participate in high school athletics to need good health insurance. Every time your child gets on the band bus, the school will probably need you to turn in a document with the number for your medical plan and your doctor. Even if your son or daughter does not get involved with school activities, he or she is bound to pick up some virus that’s getting passed around at school or need proof of immunizations.

Contact Us for Help with Health Insurance

Before football season starts, figure out if your current health plan covers most of the bills associated with accidents and illnesses. Here at Matsen Insurance Brokers, Inc., we have experienced health insurance agents who are eager to help you understand your current policy and suggest alternatives that might provide better coverage and save you money. Call to schedule a quick visit with us, and enjoy peace of mind during the rest of the year.

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