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A Teacher’s Guide to Preparing for Back-to-School

shutterstock_130786508It seems like just yesterday you bid the kids in your class adieu as the school year came to a close. Now as August begins, back-to-school preparation is in full swing. It is time to prepare and welcome a new bunch of youngsters to your class. Take the time you have left to organize and plan your upcoming school days; the more prepared you are, the better your chance of having a seamless year.

Organize your classroom supply closet. Over the course of the year, your supply closet can get cluttered with papers, empty containers, dried glue sticks, old paint, broken crayons and other stuff you don’t need. This makes it difficult to take inventory and figure out what you need for the upcoming school year. In addition, starting the year off with unnecessary clutter can cost you efficiency.

As soon as you are able to get in the school building, roll up your sleeves and organize that supply closet. This will allow you to see what types of supplies you need so you can request them ahead of time.

Plan lessons in advance. Lesson planning takes up a large portion of teachers’ down time. They are often forced to spend their nights and weekends toiling over lessons for upcoming weeks. If you plan your lessons now, you won’t fall into the pattern of sacrificing time with your family in order to deliver a quality educational experience to your students. You can easily tweak the lessons along the way to fit in with the learning styles and educational levels of the kids you teach.

Check your insurance coverage. Back to school means you’ll be doing more driving and more sniffling. For this reason, check to see that both your auto and health insurance provides the kind of coverage you need. Matsen Insurance Brokers can help you find quality coverage you can afford. Matsen Insurance Brokers works with Allied Insurance and other trusted providers who can offer insurance discounts for teachers in Eureka CA.

Decorate your bulletin boards. Once those school bells ring, it’s all about learning. You won’t have time to stop and decorate your bulletin boards. Since you don’t want to start your year off with bare boards, go ahead and get them done now. Even if the school doors are still closed, you can come up with bulletin board ideas and then gather the materials you need to bring them to life.

The first day of school is approaching fast. Don’t get caught unprepared. By planning lessons in advance, organizing your class supply closet, getting a head start on bulletin boards and making sure your insurance coverage meets your needs, you can start your school year off prepared.